Market MetRx offers a myriad of primary market research. Qualitative and quantitative research methods are used to explore each topic. These methods enable the researcher to probe below the surface for hidden issues.

Market MetRx has developed Prompt Response™, a unique type of market research service that not only allows for continuous and comprehensive research in the managed markets arena, but also guarantees timely analysis. Clients may choose to receive data on a specific category, disease or product.

In order to understand how managed markets address the economic impact of certain disease states, Market MetRx conducts primary market research to examine the key issues and subsequent drivers that affect managed care plans.

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We strive to deliver exceptional analysis that is centered around proper audience selection to assure unbiased findings, well defined subject matter, a sound methodology and expert interpretation of the data that is uncovered. Our results assist brand and sales teams with finding new segments or customers, developing relational marketing campaigns, and uncovering new or potential product features that will differentiate our client’s product, service or company from their competitors.

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