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In today’s healthcare market there are many uncertainties. Economic conditions are causing employers to limit the access, coverage, and reimbursement of brands. New policies are creating a rise in government supported care. Health plans are responding to this by changing benefit design, limiting or reducing coverage, and shifting costs towards consumers. This creates anxiety for physicians and consumers because they are forced to deal with higher costs, increased regulation, and greater frustration. It is with this in mind that Market MetRx was formed.

Market MetRx is a healthcare market research firm offering both syndicated and non-syndicated market research that allows its clients to uncover information that generates new marketing opportunities and supports sustainable growth. Focusing on the business of healthcare Market MetRx offers comprehensive strategic input and market research on commercial and public payors, health plans, provider and patient access, coverage, and reimbursement.

With the growing influence of managed care organizations on retail prescriptions, drug manufacturers must understand the healthcare environment in order to gain competitive edge. Market MetRx will help you to identify and react to key issues affected by managed care such as brand approval for formulary inclusion, how to demonstrate economic and therapeutic value of brands, and how to maximize compliance at the pharmacist level. Whatever your issue, Market MetRx understands the third party payer markets and will help you maximize your brand’s performance.

Market MetRx


Market MetRx focuses on uncovering information not just raw data. By doing this we ensure that our research meets your needs and delivers new learnings that can be used to make informed decisions about your brand. Our staff’s extensive knowledge of “the business of healthcare” which includes access, coverage, and reimbursement of products provides the informed insights needed to develop the research vehicles and perform the analysis of the results. We continually measure our success by monitoring the brands we support. Our philosophy is simple, we are only as good as our programs and service and you have choices. Therefore we treat each program as if we depended on it for our business survival.

Market Research Capabilities

In the fast-paced world of health care, we understand that time is of the essence and market research results are needed “yesterday.” That’s why with every new project we undertake, detailed timelines are created specifying our responsibilities as well as the client’s, with prospective due dates for each task. These timelines are discussed in detail with the client so they will know each step of the way, which aspect of the project is being worked on and when to expect delivery of the finished product. Periodic status reports assure the client that the project remains on track and will be delivered in a timely and efficient manner.

Delivering cost-effective, timely market research is very important to us; but our top priority is quality. With this in mind, we assure our clients that the people we recruit to participate in our market research studies are knowledgeable, reliable and able to make valuable contributions to our research.

We carefully select our audience to assure unbiased findings and always uphold the anonymity of both clients and participants.

All recruiting is done in-house and participants are pre-screened to be sure they encompass the appropriate expertise on the subject matter and we can ensure the highest quality of work.

We recognize that not all business issues can be addressed using a single methodology. We utilize many types of research methodologies and our research team will assist you in deciding which methodology will be most effective in achieving your research goals.

Outliers in statistical analysis, outliers can have detrimental effects. Outliers can arise from many different causes and can seriously bias or influence estimates that may be of great interest. We make considerable efforts to insure that our research is free of outliers thereby providing you with the most accurate data available.

In this industry, budgetary constraints seem to be the number one factor that determines the amount of market research a pharmaceutical company can invest in. Market MetRx recognizes this and feels that just because there are limited funds, there is no reason that you cannot receive quality work for a price you can afford. We constantly strive to keep all projects within their predetermined budgets by using the most cost effective means available to us.

Market MetRx looks beyond the obvious findings in data to uncover information that can only be discovered through extensive knowledge of the industry and the application of statistical technology. Our staff is knowledgeable in several types of analyses and will assist you in understanding exactly what the data is telling you. All reports, presentations, and other deliverables are formatted in a way that you can begin to use the results immediately and not have to do your own interpretation of the data.

Management Team

The management team of Market MetRx encompasses a variety of expertise from the sales, marketing, research and clinical fields. Their years of combined experience in the healthcare industry enable them to understand how their clients’ businesses operate and the best way to address their managed care needs.

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