Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral Targeting | Market MetRx

Current and future product positioning is driven by linking brand elements with the behavioral preferences of customers.

In managed care this is linked to the ability and desire to move market share via access, formulary positioning, and coverage and reimbursement programs such as academic detailing.

In order to gauge how a plan or employer may react to a situation, brand introduction, product indication change or new clinical, business, or economic information, we survey plans to test their business strength relative to the market and their ability and desire to change or influence product uptake through their current processes.

After we analyze this data we can support account by account profiles, micro-marketing plans that target key market drivers, and publish the aggregate data to help promote better and more efficient care. All of these benefits help position account managers favorably with plans, gain greater account access, and help to understand the payor environment on both macro and micro levels.

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